#TmFit And The Walmart Workout

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Happy New Year!

Today begins 2013, a year where I feel in control of my life. I feel in control of my body. I feel in control of my health. And I’m actually doing well with self-control and taking accountability for my actions. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying hard every day.

It’s been more difficult to blog here lately because my rapid weight loss has tapered off. I’ve been at a plateau for a few weeks, and I can’t get the scale to budge below 250.0 pounds. Granted, it’s not just about the scale…I’ve had many non-scale victories. One of the best ways to work yourself out of a plateau is just that: work. You can’t just rely on the food you eat to sustain your weight loss – you must be active. It’s necessary.

My friend Alex published a post on his blog called “Don’t Wait Until January” last week. Along with adopting a more healthy lifestyle for himself, he wants to help others get into a healthier lifestyle using public accountability on social media. In the post, he said

“If you are out of shape, for any reason, I think you should join me in the battle to be healthy again. And for me, it is a battle. A daily one. If you are reading this and you are overweight and out of shape, don’t make fun of it any longer. Don’t tease or joke about how you eat poorly and never exercise. I used to do the same. It’s a defense mechanism. We all want to live happy, fun and productive lives. So let’s help each other do that. I know I need your help and maybe you could use a bit of mine (or someone else’s). If even one of you join in, that would be great. If more of you join in, even better. There is strength in numbers!”

The terms of the challenge? It’s completely up to you. No “crazy pills or fad diets”. Make sustainable changes to your life by eating less (especially junk food) and moving more. And because you can’t improve on what you don’t measure, tracking is essental. I’m using the MyFitnessPal and Fitocracy apps to track myself, and I check in on Twitter (using team fit hashtag #TmFit) and checking in on our Facebook group. Posts are also being made on Instagram and Google+ with the #TmFit hashtag.

#tmfit fitness challenge
Even though I was up past midnight to ring in the new year, I was wide awake at 4:20 am. My gym is closed for the holiday, and I was trying to decide what to do. I didn’t want any excuses (like the 17 degree weather outside) deter me from getting in a workout, so I decided to innovate.

people of walmart workout

This morning I drove down the highway and did a workout at the 24-hour Walmart. I arrived before 5:30 am, and the only people in the store were employees. As they were stocking the shelves, I kicked my walking into high gear and zig-zagged the aisles. Back and forth through the store, with stops in the sporting goods section to do a few sets of arm exercises with 10 pound dumbbells and a 20 pound kettlebell. I checked my heartrate often to make sure I was always over 140 beats per minute, and I didn’t stop until after I’d hit the hour mark. I got plenty of funny looks from Walmart employees, and had people ask me “Is there anything I can help you find?” more times than I can count. Afterwards, I did some shopping in three different corners of the store (so I didn’t feel guilty for using the store for my personal purposes).

I didn’t use a pedometer, but I’m sure I walked somewhere around 2-3 miles, and my arms are feeling a good burn from the weights and kettlebell. I also don’t know how many calories I burned, but 60+ minutes of moderate exercise is nothing to scoff at. It was much better than risking an asthma attack taking a walk in the cold. Now to see if anyone submits a picture of me to People of Walmart.

My goals for the next 60 days of #TmFit:

  • Exercise at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week, but strive for more
  • Get below 240 pounds by the end of February
  • Track all of my exercise in MyFitnessPal (username: cuteculturechick)
  • Be honest with my reporting, even when I am feeling lazy or eating poorly

If you’re interested in joining me and Alex (and many other Utah social media friends) in Team Fit, send me a message on Facebook or a tweet to @cuteculturechic and @_alexlawrence with the #TmFit hashtag. Then leave a comment on Alex’s blog post, and you’ll get access to the Facebook group. We’d love to have you join us.

Food Diary 2-2-12 and “Before” Measurements

Today. Was. Hard.

Definitely my hardest day since I started the pre-surgery diet. I could blame the Groundhog for seeing his shadow, but it was my own darn fault. I started panicking about all these things I was craving and couldn’t have. Like nacho cheese – why on earth was I craving it? I wish I could say that I had another day on track…but I just kinda lost it.

The day started out great – fresh fruits and veggies. But as the day went on, I started craving carbs. I wasn’t feeling satisfied by what I was eating. I had a really bad headache. I was having computer problems at work, which made it so I was sitting around more than usual. I started looking around online about what other people were saying about pre-surgery diets, and got into my head how some surgeons allow a big binge the morning before surgery, then fasting till the procedure. I was weak, and I succumbed to temptation.

I decided to go to Costa Vida, and ordered a small sweet pork salad. I barely touched the dressing, but I devoured the meat, beans, rice, pico de gallo, and guacamole. And I ate the better part of the fresh flour tortilla. And because the pork salad was the special of the day,  it included a free drink. I filled the cup with pebble ice, and only had a little of horchata. Had I not been on a calorie restricted diet, it would have been a perfectly fine meal. I checked the website for nutritional information, but I couldn’t find the correct facts. I had to estimate what I actually ate, and the total may be WAY off.

  • Laughing cow light cheese – 2 wedges – 70 cal
  • Fresh fruit – 70 cal
  • Fresh veggies – 30 cal
  • Can of green beans – 75 cal
  • Muscle Milk light – 100 cal
  • sugar-free Jell-o – 10 cal
  • Costa Vida salad – 680 cal?
  • Horchata -100 cal
  • Chicken apple sausage – 170 cal
  • TOTAL – 1305 cal
At midnight, I need to begin fasting for my lab work in the morning. I’ll be meeting with the pre-admit nurse at St. Mark’s, and then have my pre-surgery class at the surgeon’s office. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go into work after my appointments yet, I may work from home. I’m going on FMLA, but I don’t have any sick time. Whatever time I take off will be unpaid, so I can’t slack too much.
Also, I decided to take my “before” measurements today.
  • Neck – 16.75
  • Bust 52
  • Chest 46
  • Upper bulge 53 (fat roll above my waistline)
  • Waist 49
  • Hip/butt 62
  • Thigh 34
  • Calf 23
  • Ankle 12.5
  • Bicep 20
  • Lower arm 14.5
  • Wrist 9