Top Ten Non-Scale Victories of 2012

2012 has been an incredible year for me.

I have accomplished so much, and achieved goals that have previously seemed impossible. Obviously, the weight loss has been the highlight of my year. I weigh over 120 pounds less than I did going into 2012. But beyond the total pounds, there have been a lot of other non-scale victories (also known as NSVs in the weight loss community).

Some of my favorite NSVs:

  1. Having the energy to walk 10+ hours a day with my family in London
  2. Fitting into jeans and dresses that haven’t fit since I was newly married to my husband
  3. Being able to go on airplane flights without a seatbelt extender…and having extra slack on the seatbelt when I pull it taut.
  4. Seeing my collarbones again. And my knee bones. And my wrist bones.
  5. Acquiring an amazing support network, both online and offline, by sharing my story
  6. Meeting Beth (aka Melting Mama) and many friends from Bariatric Bad Girls Club
  7. Having the confidence to go on TV and be featured as KSL’s Blog of the Week 
  8. Being able to cross my legs comfortably
  9. Tossing aside my giant beach towel and using a regular-sized towel for bathing
  10. Looking at myself in the mirror…and seeing the real Nicole that I know has been there all along…

Here’s to an amazing 2013!


  1. awesome! these are the best victories. when I stepped out of the shower this morning i realized i hadn’t used my GIANT BATH SHEET in months. it was a good feeling! i’ve said it before…CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Susan Stahley says:

    I love this list! I hope that 2013 is an even better year for you!

  3. Congrats! You earned the awesome year you had, and I bet it feels amazing. I’m working on my weight-loss goal, but more importantly, I think, on my ‘getting healthy’ goal. I’m working hard to eat healthier (ahem, Chinese food? haha), exercise, and just be a more ‘active’ person. And I’m really excited about #tmfit! 🙂

    Keep it up Nicole! You’re doing great things!

  4. Congratulations Nicole! I’m sure it must feel so amazing to look at all you’ve done this year! Very inspiring to read about your successes.

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