Wordless Wednesday: Only Two Short Years Ago

before gastric bypass surgery nicole bullock


  1. SarahJane Watrous, LMSW says:

    I started at 519. I didn’t think I was that big but I didn’t have a scale that could weigh me. So when I went to my surgeon’s office and that number popped up I was in shock. I asked to be on product (high protein diet) prior to my VSG on 10/23/12, and I lost a shocking 51 lbs on the 6 wks that I was on the product. I have lost 101 lbs since the vertical gastric sleeve. I kept stalling and I knew that I needed to have a second stage procedure. I switched surgeons because my former surgeon does not do Duodenal Switch. I lost 15 lbs on the pre-op weight loss, and I am currently 361. I have my follow up from surgery (10/8/13) today, and I will see if I have lost anything in a week. I don’t think so but you never know. I am hoping to lose another 200 lbs, but I would be happy with another 150 lbs lost.

  2. Gena Thomas says:

    Truly amazing journey. So very proud for you. I am about to undergo that same journey soon. Getting a bit nervous but still determined!
    Good luck and best wishes to you. 🙂

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