Committed again…

Today is the first day that I’ve done a full cardio/abs/weights workout at the gym in two weeks. The prior week had been going well at the gym, and I had lost 4 pounds in 8 days. I felt like I was on track, then I spent a week in Utah and a week in California. These trips included many meals out, and lots of trip snacking…but I figured that all the airport and Disneyland walking would counteract any major weight gain I encountered. I felt energetic, my clothes are fitting well, and I wasn’t worried.

At the gym, I decided to hop on the scale to see where I was at….287.4???? Two weeks ago I was 268.6! I was baffled…up over 20 pounds in two weeks, with no visible water retention, saggy skin parts, or increased double chin. Is this possible? I wondered if the scale at the gym had been recalibrated…but it still seems like a crazy weight difference for two weeks. Could I really have gained so much, with massive amounts of walking and most meals being sensible?

I’ve been this weight two other times in my life, both times wearing a 24-26 clothing size. Today I’m comfortable in a 18-20. So it’s evident that I have a lot of muscle mass, and I’m fairly proportioned for my 5’10” frame. I’m typically an active person, working out 0-5 times a week.

So as I was on the eliptical, I texted a few friends for support and advice. Everyone seemed shocked for this kind of gain. I rationalized excuse after excuse…and decided that I need to accept my body at this point…and use it as a springboard for my weight loss. Whether or not the scale number is correct, the fact remains that I am “morbidly obese,” have had past symptoms of type II diabetes, and medically-emotionally-physically NEED to get healthy. I bought a scale for home (Weight Watchers digital scale) and it registered as 290.2 tonight. So that’s my starting weight.

Taylor told me about a news story he’d read about a school teacher who used a blog for weight loss advice and support, tracked her successes and regimen, and went from 300 to 187. That’s about the amount I need to lose…so I’m giving it a go.

I’m calling it the LGN Plan…either Look Great Naked or Luscious Gorgeous Nicole. I’m going to be sensible, not restrictive. I’m not going to stick with just one weight loss suggestion plan. I know a lot about nutrition and fitness, and I just need to commit myself to putting it into action.

Wish me luck!