Wordless Wednesday: January 2012 to January 2013

nicole bullock weight loss


  1. Awesome. You. <3

  2. Amazing!

  3. Makes me smile! Good work!!

  4. Wow, you look amazing! Way to go!

  5. Oh my goodness you look amazing!

  6. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that you look amazing and you’re such a great inspiration. I will find out in the next couple of weeks when my surgery will be. I’m so nervous but happy.

  7. fraking WOW! Way to go!!!

  8. Kim Underwood says:

    What a transformation!

  9. diane sardellitti says:

    Hi just wondering if you suffered from hair loss during your journey.

    • Nicole Bullock says:

      Yes, quite a bit. I’m almost 2 years out, and still have more hair loss than I used to. It’s part of the game. I have a few posts about it if you read through my archives.

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