The first few steps

Hollie (who is technically my aunt, but more like a BFF) has been hosting Taylor, Rosie, Clint and I this week. Today and yesterday morning we had good workouts at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s bring a friend for free month, so the timing was great! I did 35 min on elliptical yesterday, then today I did 25 elliptical, 10 bike, and 20 weights and abs. It was so nice to get in a REAL full-body workout today. It’s been months. Afterward we enjoyed smoothies from Emerald Isle, which is far superior to Jamba Juice.

Hollie has also graciously offered to be my weight loss sponsor. She has set a dollar amount for each pound I lose. I’ll report my weight to her, and then she’ll send a check in 10-pound increments. However, if I gain it back, I have to pay it back. It will be nice to have some free money to spend as I wish…new work clothes, new ipod, etc (once I REALLY get down in weight, that is)

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