Thrive Update

Thrive has been going slowly, but surely. I had another big weight spike right before the weigh-in…I got as high as 303, but my introductory weigh-in was 299.4 on 2/24/09 (I like the common numbers thing…it helps me remember where I started my Thrive journey). One thing I’ve noticed on Thrive is that I haven’t been having the big weight spikes…I’m used to having up to a 9 pound weight difference in a day (I know, I’ve been an obsessive scale-stalker!) When I had my “official” weigh-in on Tuesday, I was at a 7.4 total loss (292.0). My goal is to get under 290 this week.

The food plan has been a challenge. I was really motivated for the first two weeks…almost exclusively double-fiber bread, lean meats, and fibrous carbs. I’ve had at least one blow it day each week (sometimes two, but they’re allowed) where I go straight for the sweet stuff, noodles, fruit, and Diet Coke. I’ve been tanking up on the water (my goal is a gallon per day) and I’ve been weaning myself off diet sodas that have caramel coloring (it slows down the liver’s metabolism of protien) I haven’t been feeling energized enough to exercise…the only time I can do it without fainting is if I have a meal replacement bar 10 min before (specifically MetRx Protien or Oh Yeah!) I have been walking more, now that the weather is good. Next month, my office moves directly onto the Emory campus…which will force me to walk A LOT!!!

If any of you are on Twitter, my weighloss feed is . I put updates there MUCH more often than this blog. I get hits on this thing so infrequently that I haven’t been motivated to write.

Thrive on!

New Direction

My coworker invited me to go to an introductory session for Thrive Weight Loss. She has lost about 25 pounds so far, and got together a group to meet at our work building. The information I got was very encouraging, and I decided to give it a try. Several of my coworkers have signed up, and we’ve committed to help each other succeed. I don’t know all of the details, but it has to do with combinations of foods. My first meeting is February 24th.

I’m still considering having a consultation with a bariatric surgeon. Part of the criteria my insurance company requires to qualify medical necessity for lap band is 6 dedicated weeks in a weight loss program prior to surgery approval. I will give Thrive my all…and if I’m not successful, I will further consider surgery.

I’ve been being super careful with my eating, even while in Memphis this weekend. I even lost a little this week!

Weight today: 292.9