Thrive Update

Thrive has been going slowly, but surely. I had another big weight spike right before the weigh-in…I got as high as 303, but my introductory weigh-in was 299.4 on 2/24/09 (I like the common numbers thing…it helps me remember where I started my Thrive journey). One thing I’ve noticed on Thrive is that I haven’t been having the big weight spikes…I’m used to having up to a 9 pound weight difference in a day (I know, I’ve been an obsessive scale-stalker!) When I had my “official” weigh-in on Tuesday, I was at a 7.4 total loss (292.0). My goal is to get under 290 this week.

The food plan has been a challenge. I was really motivated for the first two weeks…almost exclusively double-fiber bread, lean meats, and fibrous carbs. I’ve had at least one blow it day each week (sometimes two, but they’re allowed) where I go straight for the sweet stuff, noodles, fruit, and Diet Coke. I’ve been tanking up on the water (my goal is a gallon per day) and I’ve been weaning myself off diet sodas that have caramel coloring (it slows down the liver’s metabolism of protien) I haven’t been feeling energized enough to exercise…the only time I can do it without fainting is if I have a meal replacement bar 10 min before (specifically MetRx Protien or Oh Yeah!) I have been walking more, now that the weather is good. Next month, my office moves directly onto the Emory campus…which will force me to walk A LOT!!!

If any of you are on Twitter, my weighloss feed is . I put updates there MUCH more often than this blog. I get hits on this thing so infrequently that I haven’t been motivated to write.

Thrive on!


  1. Tripacerchick says:

    In case you are checking your stats, I am set up to follow this blog, but it doesn’t come up in my reader very much. I have to “remember” that I am following your weightloss blog and click it in my list rather than my reader, then I can see your most recent additions. I’ll have to add your twitter too.

  2. Quixotic Healer says:

    when you want fruit, go for the low carb/sugar ones:

    Strawberries (and other berries), Avocado, Cantaloupe, and Watermelon.

    (You probably know all that, but just thought I'd share, my mom was on low-carb for a while because of her fibro-myalgia headaches.)

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