Fashion Friday: 2-for-1 Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper

SALE EXTENDED! 2-for-1 Long-Leg Shaper available February 8th-9th!

I’ve talked before about the need for compressive garments after massive weight loss, and how much I love Slimpressions shapewear. I found out that there is a 2-for-1 sale today on the Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper…and I think you should hop on it! It retails for $45, so getting two for $45 is a steal.

Obviously, even with compression garments, not every lump and bump of skin on your body will be smoothed away. That’s what plastic surgery is for. But wearing high-quality shapewear will help you have the appearance of a longer and leaner body. This lower-body shaper is woven with “butt-lift” technology to give the illusion of a toned derriere.

When I wear my long leg shaper, I’m able to wear jeans that are a size smaller. They suck in my panni and make my hips more shapely. I like them because they’re really stretchy, but stay in place. I can make them stretch down to my knees so there’s no line when I wear pants, but they also can be worn with shorter skirts.

Click on the banner below for the BOGO code for the Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper. Trust me, they’re awesome.