Fashion Friday: 2-for-1 Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper

SALE EXTENDED! 2-for-1 Long-Leg Shaper available February 8th-9th!

I’ve talked before about the need for compressive garments after massive weight loss, and how much I love Slimpressions shapewear. I found out that there is a 2-for-1 sale today on the Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper…and I think you should hop on it! It retails for $45, so getting two for $45 is a steal.

Obviously, even with compression garments, not every lump and bump of skin on your body will be smoothed away. That’s what plastic surgery is for. But wearing high-quality shapewear will help you have the appearance of a longer and leaner body. This lower-body shaper is woven with “butt-lift” technology to give the illusion of a toned derriere.

When I wear my long leg shaper, I’m able to wear jeans that are a size smaller. They suck in my panni and make my hips more shapely. I like them because they’re really stretchy, but stay in place. I can make them stretch down to my knees so there’s no line when I wear pants, but they also can be worn with shorter skirts.

Click on the banner below for the BOGO code for the Slimpressions Long Leg Shaper. Trust me, they’re awesome.


  1. You look too cute, Nicole.

    But I also need to see you in BRIGHT POPPING COLORS!! (Which you may wear and I’ve missed, I’m just sayin’!)

    Hope you’re staying warm today!

  2. I have not heard of these before – I am running to go check it out 🙂

  3. How awesome do you look?!!!!

  4. did you use these before your surgery too? or just down the road? How often do you have to replace them because you keep losing weight?

    • I didn’t buy my first Slimpressions until I’d lost 100 pounds. I am still wearing all of the same size items that I’ve bought between October and now. I have three different tops and the long-leg shaper.

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