Nothing as Planned

This week, Taylor and I decided to join Weight Watchers together. Combined with my HIP(Hollie Incentive Program) and new elliptical machine that arrived Monday…I was mentally set for greatness to begin this week. Unfortunately, I’m still feeling horrible. Our bank accounts are anorexic until Friday. I’m sure I’m on a Dayquil hangover from 6 days of use. When I went to Urgent Care on Sunday, I was told it was an upper respiratory infection with asthma. The doctor gave me an urgent referral to a pulmonary sleep specialist, for an appointment today. I’ll be going in armed with 5 years of records of previous studies, consultations, and PFT’s. I really hope he’ll prescribe Provigil. It’s such a great medication for me. It keeps me awake and alert for work, is non-habit-forming, and has the side effect of loss of appetite. When I’ve had refills prescribed, and taken it consistently, I haven’t used food as a crutch to stay awake at work (especially right around 2:30-3:00) and I’ve also had better success with my weight loss.

I was horrified when I stepped on the scale Sunday…297. It’s the highest I’ve ever been, for the second time. After my Olestra fiasco last month, I had gotten down to 284ish. With all the holiday traveling, moving, and daily eating out (because we have no dishes yet), I suppose it makes sense to have gained this month. But this is where it stops. 297 is my official starting weight. I’m a mere 3 pounds away from my “I’ll never, EVER, be 300 pounds” absolute weight limit. It’s a horrible place to be. I will overcome it. I will fight it. And this time, I will succeed.


  1. You will succeed!! K, eating out. Salads (no dressing unless it’s olive oil based and only a little), fruit bowls and if you gotta have something share it with your hubby instead of eating a whole serving. Chicken and Fish are great. Grilled never fried. No breading on meats. Stay away from sauce types of food unless it’s tomato sauce and you know what’s in it.

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