Food Diary 2-1-12

Today was MUCH easier than yesterday foodwise, and I attribute it to the grocery trip I made before work today. I went to Harmon’s, which I think has the best produce of any chain grocery store in the Salt Lake area. I got fresh produce and canned fruits and veggies. Even though it costs a lot more, I know that when I buy the pre-cut produce because it’s convenient.

Funny story – I was in the mood for Laughing Cow cheese this morning, and saw that I had a wheel of it in my fridge. I grabbed it to take to work, and thought I’d have a wedge in the car. It was COMPLETELY rubbery. I checked the expiration date, and it was JUNE 2010. How on earth did I last in my fridge that long? So I picked up another Laughing Cow at the store, and I’ve decided that I like to have the light Laughing Cow much better than regular string cheese, mostly because I can have 2-3 wedges for the same amount of calories as a string cheese. Then, once I got to work, I got an email pitch from Laughing Cow to promote it on my other blog. Seems like working with Laughing Cow is in the cards for me!

The big news of the day is that my surgery date has been moved up to February 7th, which is next Tuesday. Apparently, Dr. Smith is going out of town next Friday, and he wanted to see if I’d move things up so he could be there for my whole hospital stay. Now my pre-surgery class will be on Friday morning, and my abdominal ultrasound and upper GI endoscopy will be Monday morning.

To “celebrate,” Taylor, Rosie and I went out to dinner. I checked all of the nutritional facts online before we went, and I was able to keep right at where I needed to for my daily calories. I’m glad I filled up on veggies during the day so we could have this “last splurge” dinner as a family (because my husband was out of town for my Last Supper(s)). Afterward, we took a trip to Costco for a giant bottle of chewable vitamins, lots of fresh produce and other “crash diet” friendly items.

Today’s food diary:

  • three wedges of light Laughing Cow – 105 cal
  • 4 oz of celery – 20 cal
  • 4 oz of carrots – 45 cal
  • Sugar free Jell-o (3 times in the day) – 35 cal
  • lean deli-sliced turkey (2oz) – 50 cal
  • Honeycrisp apple – 80 cal
  • 2 T Hummus – 70 cal
  • Muscle Milk light – 100 cal
  • 6 oz sirloin steak – 320 cal
  • grilled veggies – 90 cal
  • 1/2 dinner roll – 100 cal
  • TOTAL – 1015 cal