Naughty Nicole

I had a rough day. I had my gym bag packed to swim some laps and catch part of an aqua fitness class, but my body started to get really achy. I decided to take a nap with Taylor when he got back from his high-speed. Three hours later, I had a slight fever and my muscles were tensely knotted. Taylor and I were having a craving for curly fries, so we settled on Arby’s for lunch. I downed my french dip and fries, but since I’d only had a Fiber One bar earlier…I felt my calories were in check for that point in the day. I ran a few errands (including finding a new sports bra) and could barely move when I got back. I don’t know if the soreness is an incoming illness, or a lactic acid buildup…but I was sure feeling toxic.

I did some homework, and planned to go to the gym after Rosie got back from school. We didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered that new Mia pizza from Pizza Hut (organic ingredients, wheat crust, etc) It was good, but I still had 3 pieces. I thought I’d work out once Taylor left on his high-speed, but then Rosie was complaining about leaving the house and going out in the cold (its about 10 degrees today). So I decided to just take it easy for the evening…until I was emailed a 2-for-1 Baskin Robbins Coupon. Rosie saw it and blew a gasket, and before we knew it, we were in the car en route to BR.

It’s funny, I only have BR maybe twice a year. So I decided to make this Reece’s Sundae my farewell to illogically large dessert portions. Adieu, my parasitic friend.