Down a few…

I stepped on the scale today (the home one, which will be the official indicator from now on…) and it was 285.6. So I’m down almost 5 pounds in 3 days. My body is really out of synch if I dropped 5 like that!

Yesterday I had a great swim at the gym. 35 minutes of lap swimming. I usually do water aerobics when I get wet at the gym, so it was nice to just keep some rhythmic swimming in. I kept my heart rate between 140 and 170, so it was a good intensity for a good interval. I sweated out some toxins in the sauna for another 10, then Clint gave me an amazing back adjustment and massage to knead out that massive neck knot that rarely goes away. We also bowled 2 games the evening before…if it’s not exercise to bowl, then it definitely is when I dance along to the music for Cosmic Bowling night!

This week I’m planning to stay in town while Taylor goes to Cali for a few days with Clint. My goal this week is 3 good workouts over 30 minutes and adequate water intake each day.