The Last Supper(s)

When my surgery was scheduled this week, it was only two days after I found out that my insurance approved my surgery. In addition to the actual surgery, I had to schedule an ultrasound of my gall bladder and an upper GI endoscopy. Once the scheduling was done, I was told it’s time to enjoy the food that I love, because my pre-surgery “crash diet” was about to begin.

This mean I only had 4 days to fit in meals of my most favorite foods. That’s not a lot of time for a foodie like me.

beyond glaze doughnuts

Now, I’ve already been tapering down the volume of food I consume since after the holidays, and since I stopped drinking soda, I’m able to eat MUCH less than I used to. This is a good and a bad thing – it’s easier to transition into my pre-surgery diet, but it makes “deathbed bingeing” very difficult. Here’s a rundown of everything I ate in the last 5 days:


  • Beyond Glaze doughnuts (I cut them up and shared them with coworkers)
  • Great Harvest oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
  • California burrito from Beto’s
  • Pork barbacoa salad from Cafe Rio
  • Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and 3 rolls from Texas Roadhouse
  • Blue Coconut cream slush from Sonic
  • Dulce de Leche shake from Del Taco
  • Green curry pot pie and mango sticky rice from Chabaar
  • Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake ice cream
  • Monte Cristo sandwich
  • A platter of BBQ rib tips and chopped pork with all the trimmings

I also attended two fun get-togethers with friends, which centered around food. Friday night, I got together with Jen, Rosie, and Davey at Gourmandise so I could have my last gourmet pastry – the Peach. I also had bites of English bread pudding, chocolate muffin, and sips of Rosie’s Belgian hot chocolate.

Saturday I went to the #BeehiveBuzz tweetup at the Beehive Cheese Factory in Uintah. We toured the factory, sampled their unique artisan cheeses, mingled with my local Twitter friends, and had a potluck. The hardest thing for me was to not drink the soda! There was a cooler full of gourmet sodas, and the vanilla cream and orange cream sodas were screaming my name. Luckily, I did not cave to temptation, and have made it 9 days soda-free.

And how do I feel now? SICK! I haven’t eaten this much rich food in a short amount of time before. I feel sluggish, my belly aches, and I actually look forward to beginning my pre-surgery diet in the morning. This will consist of 1000 calories a day, with 2 protein shakes a day and one a “sensible” lean protein meal. I’m also meeting with Dr. Smith in the morning for a follow up appointment, since it’s been almost a year since my initial surgical consultation.

If you were about to undertake a completely new way of eating, what would be your last supper? Or suppers?