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black and white dress comparisonFor years, black has been my signature color.

Black shirts. Black shirts. Black jackets. Black jewelry. Black swimsuits. Black everything. It’s slimming and versatile, and makes it really easy to blend into the background.

As I’ve been losing weight, I’ve been wearing a lot of bolder colors. And experimenting with wardrobe choices. While my mind always defaults to black when putting an outfit together, I’ve been trying to branch out and wear some other things.

Next week I’ll be in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World, and part of the conference involves an evening cruise. I’ve been looking for a cute dress for the event, and finally found one on my lunch yesterday. The dress doesn’t cover my undergarments, so in my mind it requires an undershirt. Of course, a black undershirt came to mind. But then I thought….I always wear black, I should try something different.

twitter poll on outfitThe black is black, white, and turquoise, so I tried on the dress with both a black and white undershirt. I kinda like how the black straps contrasted with the white undershirt, but the black looked better to me.  I took a picture of both, and posted it on Instagram and Twitter to get some opinions.

I asked “Found a new dress for spring. Poll: black undershirt or white undershirt?” And the answers flooded in. Over 45 answers so far, and everyone said black. But it also turned into all sorts of fashion advice: no undershirt, wear a black cardigan, throw a bolero jacket, etc. But what surprised me was how many people got nasty with their comments about the white top. Honestly, I deleted a few of the comments on Instagram because I felt insulted…people made me feel like I had absolutely no fashion sense. I didn’t expect to feel so self-conscious or hurt.

I guess I should have phrased my question better, because I already knew I’d be going with black, but was curious if the white would work as an alternate option. I always keep a cardigan handy when I wear a short-sleeved dress, and had already packed my cute 3/4 sleeve sequined cardigan to wear for the trip. But after years of limited clothing choices in the largest sizes of the plus-size stores, I’ve been excited to be more daring and try some fashion risks. But after this experience, my self-conscious soul has decided “When in doubt, go with black.”

Moral of the story? Only ask for fashion advice on social media if you’re prepared for the snarky comments too.

Please, no more opinions.



  1. Coral Jolee says:

    I choose the white one!!!!

  2. Ugh…that’s pitiful that people have to be mean. For whatever it is worth, I think both options are cute…but I DO like the black best. (Maybe that is only because black is MY default color as well- but I’m a “designer-type” so black is the expected norm for me!)

  3. I liked them both, but I think a turquoise undershirt would get that contrast the white has going on and be really cute. I’m sorry people are idiots.

  4. It’s interesting, I’ve only started trying to be fashion conscious in the last year or so, and I admit to loving it in some ways and hating it in others. So yes, undershirts are a “no” for now, especially ones that look like an undershirt vs. the black maybe looks more like part of the dress? Fortunately sweaters and sleeves are popular, so (if you care) you can avoid the undershirt look. Still, I’ve noticed the “jumper” look is starting to come back again, but only with half sleeve shirts (usually a blouse with a collar). Perhaps this is due to the vest trend? I don’t really know. My fashion sense comes mostly from two fashionista friends of mine, the Downeast Basics catalog (they are really down-playing their undershirts by the way), Pinterest, and the occasional perusal on the Anthropologie website.

    Either way, you look gorgeous in that dress, and bright colors really, really suit you! I wish I could pull off black the way you do, but I’m glad you’re experimenting and taking risks 🙂

  5. How funny, because I was totally assuming you were asking for our thoughts and going to say that the white looks better to me! I think the black one hides the straps and the white contrast works. But it is all about your style and comfort.

    I think people picked the black because it hides, and looks more like a solid dress, which they would choose to wear. Again, that is besides the point!

    I hate that people are mean. That shows their, yes, THEIR insecurities, not yours. Not yours in any way at all. And you are rocking the dress, no matter your choice!

  6. The black looks more put together for some reason with that dress. I agree that when you put your life out there via social media people can and will give whatever opinion they have, flattering or not. However there is never a good excuse for people to be mean. The dress is darling on you BTW! Have fun at your conference!

  7. The black… however if the shoulder straps were white… go with the white… the touch of teal always looks good on you… goes so well with your beautiful hair….You always look “Taylor” made… *pun intended*

  8. tina drysdale buhler says:

    I like the white best! it makes your waist look smaller by making the shoulders pop. I also think the black one makes the dress look completely strapless which looks weirder with an undershirt than one with straps. just my opinions. No matter what, you look beautiful! I love when spring comes so we can wear fun bright colors! you are way cute!

  9. Rebecca says:

    I love your blog and hope you don’t listen to any haters. You blog has helpede have some insight in WLS, just had my surgery on 2/11/13 and I find your blog great. Always look forward to what you have to say as I am starting my journey.

  10. I like the black dress even more, it looks great on you. Anyway, most of the people are judgmental, so you’re right, if you’re going to post something, be sure that you’re ready for all those kinds of comments or insults that people might post. But, what’s important is, you know that you want and you don’t have to please anybody. You just have to be confident, and that’s what really matters.

  11. I like the black one, simply because I think it looks more polished, like it’s part of the dress and less juvenile, but it’s really cute either way. 🙂

  12. Voto app is great for fashion polling…

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