Some embarassing progress pics

I’m down to 292. I realized that I never took my before pictures….all those embarrassing Biggest Loser-type shots. Here’s me immediately post-workout.From the front
Side view – lumpy bumpy rolly poly me
The derrière shot

3/4 view

This one is the worst for me….my completely untoned and flabby arms.

This is not to say I can’t take a good picture right now. This shot was last weekend at Lake Michigan…I really like the way I look in it. My body seems as well in proportion as it can be for this weight. Since I’ve started Thrive, most of my loss has been purely from food. I am going to start working out regularly, especially toning exercises, to bring back the Nicole I recognize.


  1. I wish I had done before shots. I thought about it half way through and never did. Oh well. You are very well proportioned! You’re gonna look HOT!!

  2. I still check in here every once in a while. Are you abandoning this blog?

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