Ever since my doctor appointment Wednesday, I’ve been thinking often about having surgery. In some ways it seems like a cop out. I’ve always believed that weight loss should a personal journey of cutting back, becoming more active, and changing the way you use food in your life. But at what point does it become impossible to make the changes you need in a drastic enough way? When is surgical intervention required? I’ve already done medically-assisted weight loss, using Phen-Fen both in 1995-97 and in 2007. The first time I lost 53 pounds, which made for a much more enjoyable high school experience. But as soon as I stopped the pills, I ballooned out to my starting weight within 3 months. When I tried again with a doctor in 2007, I’d lost 13 pounds in a month, but I stopped because of the high cost, many unwanted side effects from the pills and a crazy food plan I couldn’t stick with (which included 90% meat and protien, no fruits and only a handful of veggies).

I’ve done Weight Watchers 6 times, South Beach Diet, Sugarbusters, Intuitive Eating, and a mass of other plans. But once I hit the 25 pound mark, I plateau and eventially gain it back. With a track record like this, how can I lose 120?

I told my mom about what I was thinking about the surgery, and she said that I should do it and not tell anyone. She also said I’ve been chubby since age 1, and she’s seen me put more long-term effort into weight loss than anyone she knows. She thinks I need to do it as a “shortcut” so my other healthy behaviors make a difference. But I hate the idea of a “shortcut.” I want my results to be based on how I’ve impowered my life, not because of a scalpel.

That being said…lap band is looking more and more tempting.


  1. Tripacerchick says:

    My aunt had her stomach stapled in the 80’s, causing her to lose a bunch of weight. However, over time, she has gained it back (due mostly to her lifestyle) and has had complications with other medical procedures due to the staples.

    I know that the technology has advanced since then, and they don’t actually do staples. I also know that it will be a major lifestyle change. But if you think it will work for you, and you have done all your research, then I say, go for it!

  2. Okay, I’m gonna be really honest. First, sorry my computer has been tempermental so I’m not completely up to date with your blog.
    However, I personally have GREAT reservations about surgical intervention. Sooner or later the answer comes down to learned behaviors and over coming them. You can force yourself there with surgery, or dig up the motivation somewhere and do it on your own. When you do something extreme, like South Beach or Atkins, then it’s not a sustainable program, you’ll fall off the wagon and find yourself eating the way you always did before. Find a program where it’s a sustainable permanent change and you eat!! You body needs to stayed fueled in order to burn fat. If you starve your body you’ll crave all the things that you shouldn’t be eating. If you feed your body foods that are high is fiber, water, nutrients and lean protien you will feel fuller longer, you’ll be giving yourself the nutrients you need for a healthy body, hair and skin. If you get surgery and have not conquered your cravings then you can actually find yourself in a malnurished state. Eiher way you’ll have to change your way of eating. I’d rather do it with out surgery, still be able to eat A LOT, and know that I’m healthy.

    This morning I ate 7 LARGE strawberries, one peice of whole wheat toast(no preservitives, fat, or sugar, but very good), spread one wedge of laughing cow cheese on toast and that was my breakfast. I drink water all day long, never soda (even diet soda makes it difficult to loose weight) or juice. I’ll have two cups of milk at some point. And at the end of the day, if I’ve been good, I have a treat. You have to be careful what treats you choose. Something can be small but be packed with badness while something else is large and satisfying and only a little bad.

    Sorry, my comment is so long, but I do believe you can do this. No meds, no surgeries!! We really need to get together next time your here. I’d love to help you if I can. Or should I say, if you want me to.

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